Jouni Helminen best in the evening


The defending winner, Jouni Helminen, was the best bowler in the Friday evening squad with the score of 1382. Mads Sanbacken of Norway reach the same score but is behind Jouni because of the lower last game.

- I thought long time if I will come to play in this squad. I was rather frustrated yesterday and ready to put my bowling balls in the corner. I felt that I can’t find any solution for the differences on the lanes. But, today I played totally different way than before, Jouni told.

- All the time I have tried to play outside, but I realized that it is working maximum of three games. I have started all my squads well, but “died” on the lanes sooner or later. Now I decided to move deeper inside earlier and I did that already in the beginning of third game. After that I bowled in a same way and it worked well, he continued.

- If this is enough to top eight, it’s great. But if not, then it is so. Of course it would be a big plus, Jouni ended.

- seija lankinen -


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