Excitement and big wins


Two of the fourth stage matches were straight 3-0 and two were decided with extra balls in the fifth game. Pasi Uotila knocked Petteri Salonen easily 3-0 with big figures.

Same did Dominic Barrett to Osku Palermaa. The finish of the third game was dramatia, when Palermaa missed a 3-6 spare. Converting it would have given him a victory in that game and a chance to play more.

Kimmo Lehtonen and Nicole Sanders battled it to the fifth game. Lehtonen was leading big, but he made two open frames in eighth and ninth frames. Sanders ended with three strikes and Lehtonen had to take seven with his last ball to win. He took eight and advanced to the semi-finals.

Team mates Jari Ratia and Dennis Eklund also played five games. Ratia was leading going to the last frame. He missed a 3-6 spare and Eklund converted tenpin and took the nine pins to win by two.

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