Parker Bohn III comes to Ballmaster tournament


Today we received confirmation that there will be another famous bowler in the Ballmaster Open, when Parker Bohn III sent final confirmation about his arrival to Finland in the beginning of January. Bohn III has bowled on PBA Tour since 1985 and he has made there a very successful career that still continues.

The cancellation of a PBA tournament scheduled to the beginning of January left a suitable slot for the players to drop by to Finland. With this lucky chance the 40th Anniversary Ballmaster Open is at perfect time.

In addition to Mika Koivuniemi, Mike Fagan, Stuart Williams and Tim Mack also Parker Bohn III will be seen in Tali Bowl. “I had a conversation with Mika Koivuniemi and he spoke very highly of the event and those running it”, Parker Bohn said. “Mika and his family have many wonderful things to say about the country and I look forward to traveling there. I expect the weather to be sunny and very warm… On a more serious note, to have a good performance in the event and meet many nice people” he continued with smile.

Parker Bohn III, who is one of the PBA legends, has earned more than 2,5 million dollars on his career. He has won the PBA Player of the Year - award twice, in 1999 and on season 2001-02. He has won 31 tournaments including one major – 2001 USBC Masters.

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