WIN Suzuki Hayabusa with 300 game!


If someone make a 300 game during the final day in January 15th he will have change to win a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle + money. The total of 21.752 euros! In case where he or she is the only one who make the 300 game he/she win the Suzuki Hayabusa directly. If there is more than one 300 games a ONE SHOT roll of will be bowled.

It's good business to make 300 games from starting of the Tournament too. 300 game made any time during the Tournament have change to win at least 2.000 euros. If we compare to previous years the prize will be close 4.000 euros instead of 2.000 euros. The amount of money is based to number of entries.

The Entry Fee, 10 euros is required to enter 300eXtra! Remember register before you bowl the game of your life!


(The prize this year is a motorcycle instead of a car mentioned earlier. The value of the motorcycle is the same or even more than a car.)


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You can make reservations starting autumn 2011.
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