Kimmo Lehtonen was best of youth squad


Erä01Kimmo Lehtonen

Kimmo Lehtonen was best on first squad of Brunswick Ballmaster Open 2011 with result 1354.

For Kimmo the situation was a little bit different - this year he is "only" player, not as an organizer. - Perhaps it was a bit stranger than previous years. Anyway the feeling to go and bowl again at Ballmaster tournament was great and expecting. The feeling lighted up when I walked into Tali Bowl and got to the lanes. It was nice to bowl and my game went smoothly. Certainly it was nicer to start with the result like that. It will then be seen, if I qualify, because it was only first squad. At least I found some idea how to bowl.

Kimmo will continue today with re-entry at next squad.



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